ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Water pump spare parts

Water Pump Spare Parts

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can provide you all the water pump spare parts you need

With manufacturing and product design that has braved the fast-changing world of technology for years, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is committed to a long-standing bond with all its customers. All the equipment that we supply, including our water pump spare parts, is of unmatchable quality. No wonder our wide range of products has helped us stand the test of time.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS boasts of more than a century of experience in manufacturing and supplying world-class water desalination equipment. Our intensive experience in the freshwater generator market is accompanied by our tantamount expertise, which is why ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is still on its illustrious run today.

Think of ATLAS-SPAREPARTS to obtain your water pumps and their spare parts in your own budget. Repair all your water pumps – old or new, ATLAS or others – with our high-quality spare parts.

Why is a good water pump of paramount importance?

In any desalination unit, a water pump is of immense importance. Different pumps are installed to either carry freshwater to a different tank, or to throw out pollutant-rich brine.

Without a well-functioning water pump, the freshwater generator will be of no significance. The ATLAS Freshwater Generator Units (AFGUs) are equipped with a variety of water pumps that are crucial for any seamlessly functioning freshwater generation unit.

The water pumps that ATLAS-SPAREPARTS manufactures are self-priming, horizontal or vertical centrifugal in nature.
The chosen mechanism of pumping depends on the function the water pump is designated to perform.
Depending on the AFGU you are using – singlet, two-stage or multi-stage – our pumps have distinct capacities.
No matter what AFGU or pump you use, you can rely on ATLAS-SPAREPARTS to keep your water pumps forever functional.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is always readily available to answer any questions that you may have about our products and services.  

Kinds of water pumps

Freshwater pumps

A freshwater pump transports the newly prepared freshwater from the ATLAS Freshwater Generator Unit (AFGU) to the freshwater tank. Therefore, all our pumps and water pump parts are designed using materials suitable for impeccable functioning in freshwater. You can learn more about our freshwater pumps here.

You can read more general information about freshwater pumps here.

Brine pumps 

If you are using ATLAS-SPAREPARTS’ older two-stage and multi-stage AFGUs, you will need a brine pump to send back sweater concentrate (or brine) back into the sea. The removed brine contains lime, pollutants and other chemicals as well. To ensure that they function aptly in seawater, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS crafts them from seawater-resistant material. Learn more about our brine pumps here.

Ejector pumps

Ejector pumps are used to supply seawater to the ejectors and heat exchangers. ATLAS-SPAREPARTS supplies ejector pumps that are horizontal and self-priming. Since these pumps are also required to function tirelessly in seawater, we manufacture them from seawater-resistant material. Learn more about our ejector pumps here. 

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is the answer 

Our historic expertise and experience make us the market leader in manufacturing spare parts for your desalination equipment and freshwater generator needs.

Therefore, if you are in the business of desalinating water for freshwater generation, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is the best answer to your equipment issues. It is our mission to provide you the spare parts for various kinds of freshwater generators and other products at reasonable prices.

All the water pumps that ATLAS-SPAREPARTS supplies are easily maintained and, if needed, can be replaced through our evergreen supply of water pump spare parts. If any of your current or old water pumps is in need of repair, ATLAS Spareparts ApS is happy to help you with new spare parts customized to your needs.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS promises a timeless service

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, our generators, water pumps and their spare parts are manufactured immaculately to imbibe in them a timeless quality. Just like our products, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS also promises a timeless service to you.

Our resolve is evident from the fact that we even provide spare parts to equipment that have been discontinued from the market. Thus, even if you purchased your ATLAS equipment over forty years ago, we can still supply you the spareparts you need.

If you have a broken water pump that was used with your old freshwater generator, we guarantee that we will make your equipment new and functional again. We even provide spare parts for other non-ATLAS freshwater generators. So, for all your water pump spare part needs, we have got you covered.

Let us help you with your water pump spare parts

It will be our pleasure to help you out. Should you have any questions about our water pump spare parts or other equipment, please feel free to contact us at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS on +45 54 446 600 or +45 70 707 963.  You can also send us an email at or contact us through the form on our contact page.