ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Freshwater Pump

Freshwater Pump

New and replacement parts for your marine desalination plant from ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, the global forerunners of Freshwater Pumps 

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is an innovative and forward-thinking company that strive to meet our objective of aiding a plethora of small or substantial businesses who require support in converting our salt water source into a fresh and usable supply.

As a sub-company of Atlas Denmark, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is the frontrunner within the field of water treatment and water purification, having been founded over 100 years ago.

With such an extensive history of experience, our levels of knowledge, innovation and skill are incomparable within this market.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS - providing companies with fresh, safe and pristine water

Dealing with the manufacture and supply of new and spare replacement parts, we at Atlas also perform routine services on marine desalination plants to enable water generators to convert otherwise unusable salt water into a clean and utilizable product.

By removing salt and minerals from the seawater it can then be used for human consumption, as feed water and also be used for the functioning of various industrial machines including any kind of boiler and diesel engine. The use of unsullied water is essential for ensuring the safety, health and longevity of your costly business machinery and is therefore integral to the overall success of your venture.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS freshwater pump - designed and constructed with expert knowledge

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS one of our key products is the Freshwater Pump which is an integral element of our entire freshwater system.

The Freshwater Pump supplies the desalinated water (or freshwater) from the AFGU (Atlas Freshwater Generator Unit) unit into the freshwater tank.

This pump ensures that the water within the tank is clean, pollution free and has been significantly softened for safe use.

The Freshwater Pump is self-priming, features both a horizontal and vertical centrifugal system and is constructed from first-rate materials crafted specifically for the purposes of purifying water.

Due to our longstanding history within this field, we at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS are fully discerning and cognizant with what elements make for great functionality at a cost-effective level.

The pumps have individual capacities for each type of singlet; both the TWO and the Multistage AFGU units.

The pumps that you will receive, including the electric motor are all manufactured within the European Union and have been CE approved. The pumps are exceptionally easy to maintain and, in the unlikely event that a replacement is needed, this is also very simple to carry out too.

If you also require additional elements, aside from the Freshwater Pump, such as brine ejectors, necessary vales, single, double or multi-parts then we at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS will be happy to assist you.

You can find information about water pump spare parts here.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS cater for all businesses regardless of the size or age of your existing machinery 

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS we provide services for all. Whether you are needing a freshwater system for a substantial size ship, a gigantic oil rig or a small-scale venture, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can upscale or downscale to customize our equipment and services to suit any individual need or location.

With a range of single stage, double stage or multistage AFGU fresh water generator units, we can guarantee that we will be able to meet even the most bespoke and tailored of requirements.

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS we are proud of being able to produce and provide replacement items for all Atlas-Denmark marine equipment, even those that may have been installed up to four decades ago.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, a longstanding history of excellence

Atlas are the go-to leading online experts in equipment made specifically for dealing with seawater and seawater purification.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS was founded over 100 years ago and therefore has have a very extensive history of expertise within the industry. Our main aim is to be able to provide you with cost effective and energy efficient solutions that can meet your needs with exacting standards.

Atlas can guarantee that we will not only supply you with precisely the ideal desalination equipment for your plant but also our assistance, from pre-purchase advice to aftercare, will be second-to-none. With the option of ATLAS-SPAREPARTS carrying out detailed services on both newly installed and pre-existing units, Atlas are proud to confirm that our services and replacement parts also applies to machinery and elements installed up to forty years ago.

Impeccable service from ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, including the provision of new or replacement parts as well as servicing and advice

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS we are pleased to be able to supply all parts, spare parts and service new and all existing units so that each of our clients can focus with ease on our own business.

Our access to parts and knowledge of intricate constructs is second to none and no machine is beyond our realms of expertise.

We, Atlas Freshwater, are proud to be a substantial Source Of Life, ensuring a consistent supply of sparkling, clean freshwater, coupled with Atlas maintenance and service that will keep your company awash with perfectly pristine water.

If you have any questions regarding our Freshwater Pump or any parts you may need for your marine desalination plant, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you wish to contact us at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, then we can be called on +45 54 446 600 or +45 70 707 963.  If you wish to contact us outside of general opening hours then we can be emailed on or contacted through the form on our detailed website