ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Freshwater Pump

The Freshwater Pump, is supplying the Freshwater (desalinated water) from the AFGU unit to the freshwater tank. The freshwater is clean, pollution free and has been softened significantly.

The high quality of the freshwater allows it to be directly used as feed water for any kind of boilers and diesel engines.

The pump is the self priming, Horizontal & Vertical centrifugal type, and made from material designed for operation in freshwater.

The pumps have individual capacities for each type of Singlet; Two- and Multistage AFGU units.

The pumps delivered are all manufactured in EU. Both of the pumps, as well as the el-motor, have CE approvals. The pumps are easy to maintain and, if required, to replace.

Furthermore, we also deliver the necessary air, as well as Brine Ejectors, necessary valves, check valves etc., and other equipment made for operating in seawater.

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