ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Water Ejector Pump

Water Ejector Pump

A reputable and established expert firm providing revolutionary solutions and service 

As the global frontrunner and the renowned experts within the field of water treatment, regeneration and purification, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is a pioneering and revolutionary company that endeavours to meet the needs of any size business or operation with exacting standards.

Established over 100 years ago, and formed as a sub-company of the celebrated ATLAS-DANMARK, our years within this industry have enabled us to garner our knowledge and perfect our standards of service. This means that we can provide you with all the key information and up-to-date advice that you require to help you get the best from your water ejector and desalination unit.

Our key aim is to continue being a revolutionary and forward-thinking company that meets the needs of any size business or operation needing to convert their salt water source into a safe and useable supply.


What is a water ejector pump?

A fully effective and trustworthy water pump is an integral component to any business that relies on a constant, accessible and safe supply of desalinated water.

The ejector pump supplies seawater to both the ejectors and to the heat exchanger which then creates a vacuum in the boiling section. The purpose of this vacuum is to lower the boiling point of the water which enables the brine that has been extracted from the desalinated water to be directed back into the sea.

For some companies or small businesses, their only accessible or continual supply of water is either salt or sea water which is not safe for consumption in its natural state. Through the provision of the correct quality apparatus to remove these unwanted minerals ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can ensure that the outcome is perfectly purified water which is then safe for human ingestion, as well as being suitable for use as feed water and within the functioning of any industrial machinery. 

Specifically, the water ejector pumps supplied by ATLAS-SPAREPARTS are both horizontal and self-priming. Moreover, the water pumps have been intentionally designed for being fully operational in seawater and is therefore resistant to high levels of saline and other seaborne detritus. The prime benefit of this design guarantees the protection and endurance of your kit as well as providing you with much needed longevity of parts.

All pumps are guaranteed to be manufactured within the EU and have the relevant CE approvals. They are also easy to fit, maintain and replace if needed.

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Cost effective solutions for all size businesses and bespoke requirements

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS understand that time is a valuable commodity to any business or operation. With this in mind, one of our key goals is to remove the burden of sourcing equipment and parts so that you can focus on your own specialist priorities.

If you are concerned that your location or requirements are too bespoke for standardised parts then please do not hesitate to contact us. Despite our long-serving history, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of modern developments which enables us to advise, provide and customise equipment to suit even the most individual of needs.

Our collaboration with ATLAS-DANMARK, in conjunction with our extensive service within this field, ensures that we are able to access both new and replacement parts that are easy to use, easy to install, highly cost-effective and environmentally efficient.

Aside from the provision of advice and parts, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS also provide the option of on-going and extensive servicing and maintenance on both newly installed or pre-existing equipment. Moreover, our extensive capabilities enables us to be able to fully service and provide replacement parts for all ATLAS-DANMARK marine equipment installed as long as four decades ago.


With over 100 years in the industry, we supply expert guidance and incomparable service

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can assure you that we will only provide you with exactly what you need. You may be unfamiliar with the requirements of this type of apparatus, but by purchasing our water ejector, water ejector pump or any other desalination equipment, we can guarantee you that our guidance will only result in the most detailed and precise purchases required for your plant or business.

This means no surplus or redundant items and therefore no additional superfluous costs. Along with this, you will also receive immaculate standards of service – from pre-purchase advice through to extensive aftercare support – which will be nothing other than exceptional.  

If you have any questions regarding our water ejector pump provision, or any parts relating to water desalination and purification, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you wish to contact us at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, then we can be called on +45 54 446 600 or +45 70 707 963.  If you wish to contact us outside of general opening hours then we can be emailed on or contacted through the form on our detailed website.