ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Freshwater generator

Freshwater generator

Effectively convert sea water into pure non-saline water with a generator 

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS are industry leading manufacturers of high-quality and cost-effective generators for converting sea water. A freshwater generator is essential on any vessel or offshore rig that only has access to sea water but needs a constant and reliable supply of freshwater.

We manufacture and supply industrial freshwater generators for both small and large businesses around the world. We also supply a wide range of different spare parts for freshwater generators and other desalination machinery. We can provide spare parts to both new and discontinued equipment, even ones delivered up to more than forty years ago. This way the generators can be kept in use for many years and continuously deliver great performance and clean water free of salt.


Desalination for a reliable supply of pure water 

Freshwater generators effectively convert salty sea water into clean freshwater. This can be used for drinking, temperature control, in the running of industrial machinery and much more. The process is often integral to offshore businesses.

In the fresh water generator, the water is passed outside the tubes of the heat exchanger, and the sea water is led to the interior of the tubes, where it is heated and evaporated. The vapours pass through a separator, in which the sea water drops are discharged. The saturated vapour condenses into freshwater which is discharged by a pump. This process separates the salt and other minerals from the water. It provides water that is suitable for human consumption and for use in different machinery on ships, rigs and other sites without access to clean water otherwise. 

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Generators and spare parts for any water purification needs

The need for desalination and generating freshwater is present in many different industries and businesses. We manufacture a wide range of industrial products as to meet any needs put forward by a company – large or small. We continuously keep up to date with research and new developments in the field. This allows us to provide expert guidance and customized solutions.

Our generators AFGU range from single effect units capable of delivering 1,5 M3/24H to multi effect systems capable of delivering 1.000 M3/24H.

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Excellent service and parts for a full water purification process 

We have made it our mission to fulfill any industrial freshwater needs – and we do not mind a challenge. At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS we let you focus on what you do best, while we use our extensive history and experience in the field to find the right solution for you.  

We strive to always provide excellent service. This entails precise advice pre-purchase, delivery of high-quality and durable equipment, and options for support and periodic service on new and pre-existing generators or spare parts.   

You get a cost-effective solution both in terms of getting the exact right products from the start, as well as reliable machinery that provides safe and pure water without salt. With our selection of spare parts, you are also ensured easy maintenance and customization of the generator through many years.  


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Besides generators we also provide incinerators and sterilizers. We can provide expert advice on the right products and customized solutions based on your requirements.

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Onboard sterilization is possible with the UV sterilizer UEBERALL freshwater disinfection system. Learn more here. 


Leading experts in offshore desalination

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is a sub-company under ATLAS-DANMARK and experts in the field of fresh water generators. Our core objective is to provide equipment and machinery for water treatment and water purification processes. We have provided excellent products as well as service to marine and industrial partners for more than 100 years.

We are proud of our extensive and specialized knowledge. It allows us to give qualified advice to businesses in need of water treatment, as well as supply custom solutions with high-quality generators and spare parts. Our top products as well as service have led us to become leaders in the industry.

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Contact us with any questions or inquiries about a freshwater generator 

We are happy to help you find the exact generator, sterilizer or other equipment you need. With our extensive knowledge we can answer any questions and of course consider specific needs or requirements. Contact us today and let us get started on finding you the perfect freshwater generator.

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