ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Freshwater generator

Freshwater generator

Freshwater generator to convert sea water

We manufacture freshwater generators for vessels around the world – a process that converts salty sea water to clean freshwater. We also manufacture spare parts to both new and discontinued freshwater generator equipment, delivered up to more than forty years ago. Furthermore we supply spare parts to many other types of generators for making freshwater.

Water treatment is the core objective for Atlas Spareparts - read more.

Our generators AFGU range from single effect units capable of delivering 1,5 M3/24H to multi effect systems capable of delivering 1.000 M3/24H.


As an example, in the AFGU Single Effect generator the waste heat in the jacket cooling water of the Diesel engine is used for heating and evaporation of the sea water. The heat exchanger is connected to the jacket cooling water system of the Diesel engine.

For information regarding desalination equipment, press link.

In the freshwater generator, the cooling water is passed outside the tubes of the heat exchanger, and the sea feed water is led to the interior of the tubes, where it is heated and evaporated. The vapours pass through a separator, in which the sea water drops are discharged. The saturated vapour condenses into fresh water which is discharged by the freshwater pump.

We supply spareparts to freshwater generators and can provide you with the right freshwater pump.

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