ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Fresh water generator parts and functions

Fresh water generator parts and functions

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS delivers top-quality parts for efficient freshwater production

A reliable supply of freshwater is essential on many vessels and offshore rigs. Instead of having to transport and stock up on huge amounts of freshwater, it can be produced right on site with a fresh water generator. By taking advantage of the seawater and the use of a freshwater generator, it is easy to have any need for freshwater filled.

Because the need for freshwater is important, the generator in itself becomes a highly essential piece of equipment. Our generators and any spare parts used are of high quality to ensure a reliable and safe source of freshwater.

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS we are experts when it comes to fresh water generator parts and functions.


Fresh water generator parts and functions

There are different kinds of freshwater generators and sizes of desalination setups, but many of the marine ones use the same principles. In a freshwater generator the sea water is converted into freshwater by using a process with vacuum, evaporation and condensation. 

The freshwater generator system can consist of multiple compartments, pipes and pumps. Here is a quick and simplified overview of a fresh water generator parts and functions and some of our products.

When the water finishes its journey through the generator, it has been stripped of saline, toxins and other undesirable minerals. The high quality of freshwater produced makes it suitable for human consumption, but also as a technical water. This means it can be utilized in industrial processes such as cooling processes or as water in a high-pressure boiler.

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Generators and spare parts for any project

Are you looking for a full fresh water generator setup? Our company ATLAS-DANMARK manufacture AFGU freshwater generators for vessels around the world. See more about the generators on the website here. 

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS we have made it our mission to make it possible to have freshwater available at sea. We are amongst the leading providers of a wide range of high-quality parts and can also provide guidance.

We also offer on-going maintenance, service and repairs on freshwater generator parts or full setups of ATLAS’ freshwater generators.

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Long history of providing generators and spare parts

Our experience with desalination and the generating of freshwater goes back a long way. Ours was actually one of the first companies in the world to develop a desalination plant that uses the distilling principle to convert sea water into freshwater. This was in the early fifties. To this day ATLAS-SPAREPARTS have maintained our love for the desalination technology as well as keeping up with new techniques, products, knowledge and more on the subject.

Quality, knowledge and great service are some of the cornerstones in our approach to helping customers around the world with their need for freshwater in the marine industry. Let us talk about how we can design the best solution for you. Do not hesitate to get in touch even if you have a niche request.


Sterilizers and incinerators

If you have a need to sterilize or disinfect water, the UEBERALL UV sterilizer UltraBord Kompakt (UBK) is available. This is a high-quality and reliable product that comes at a low price compared to the value it gives. It also has low operating costs and is user friendly. It comes with a wide range of options to customize the sterilizer to your exact needs.

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You can also find incinerator spare parts here. We manufacture a lot of spare parts for a wide selection of incinerators. We keep a good amount of different spare parts in stock and are also able to quickly produce new one. Our ATLAS incinerators have been around for many decades, and we still provide spare parts for discontinued incinerators.

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